The town was founded just over 40 years ago

junho 29, 2013


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Peter Ewart

The “Save Our Community Rally” scheduled for 8:30 am, Friday, May 23, in Mackenzie, British Columbia, is an excellent initiative on the part of the people of Mackenzie that should be supported by people throughout the North moncler outlet online and other cheap moncler coats regions of the province.

moncler sale Indeed, rally organizers are inviting people from other communities who are also facing mill closures and layoffs to attend and participate in the rally. moncler sale

moncler mens jackets Why moncler outlet is this rally important? As the organizers of the rally point out in their press release, Mackenzie and other rural towns in the Interior, North and Vancouver Moncler Outlet Island are facing the severest forestry crisis in living memory. Families are losing their jobs, homes and livelihoods; businesses are closing or going bankrupt; towns are losing their tax base; manufacturing jobs are being lost; and people are pulling up moncler outlet sale stakes and moving elsewhere. moncler mens jackets

The people of Mackenzie deserve better. The town was founded just over 40 years ago, and since then the people have carved a community, industry and a way of life for themselves and their families out of the rugged, yet beautiful terrain of Northern BC.

moncler outlet online During the last 40 years, this small town of moncler sale outlet 5,000 people has been an economic powerhouse for the province. The workforce has been highly productive, producing collosal volumes of lumber, pulp paper, and value added products, not to mention mineral resources. This has resulted in huge revenues for government in the form of stumpage, taxes, fees, and royalties, and lucrative profits for the big moncler outlet uk corporations. moncler outlet online

moncler outlet Some say that each town has its own personality. That being the case, a description of Mackenzie’s personality would surely include the words “friendly,” “down to earth,” “hardworking,” “self reliant,” and “can do.” And all cheap moncler of these qualities can be seen in what these industrious people have created. moncler outlet

moncler outlet sale For example, over time, the people of the town have built up a varied and comprehensive infrastructure through untold hours of volunteer labour that includes a moncler outlet jackets library, arts center, museum, trail system, and recreation facilities, as well as a municipal council, service clubs, churches, unions, business organizations, and hobby groups. moncler outlet sale

cheap moncler jackets The town also moncler outlet store has infrastructure that has been directly established by government, including a hospital, schools, government offices, and transportation and communication facilities. cheap moncler jacket sale moncler jackets

cheap moncler sale But make no mistake about it. All of this infrastructure has been paid for many times over by the tremendous productivity of the people of the town. And the same can be said for the mills and other industrial infrastructure of the big companies. cheap moncler sale

However, there are some in the offices and corridors of power cheap moncler jackets sale in Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, and New York who view this great achievement differently. They see Mackenzie, and other highly productive small towns like Fort St. James and Chetwynd as “poor country cousins” looking for handouts.

Indeed, one Lower Mainland based analyst commented a couple of years ago that, as a result of mill closures, such communities might be “marked for exit” and closed down, supposedly because they are a drain on the province’s resources. If a community is not closed down, the logic goes, then its infrastructure should be substantially curtailed or downsized.

And that is precisely why the people of other communities should support and attend the Mackenzie moncler factory outlet rally, whether they live in Prince George, Quesnel, McBride, Valemount, Houston, Burns Lake, Smithers, Hazelton, Terrace, Fort St. James, Vanderhoof, Dawson Creek, Chetwynd, or other settlements both Native and non Native.

cheap moncler outlet During this difficult period of time, forestry based communities need more, not less, reinvestment by big government and by the big forest companies, and not just a haphazard “sprinkle” here and there that doesn’t add up to much. cheap moncler outlet

cheap moncler coats The message of the Mackenzie rally is clear: The people of the Interior and North are not “poor country cousins” and they are not going to allow their communities to be marginalized or shut down. cheap moncler coats

moncler sale outlet Great idea! It about time moncler sale moncler sale outlet

buy moncler jackets Comment by C. Arnold on 14th May 2008 buy moncler jackets

I think this is a great idea and a great message for all of our Northern communities to start sending loudly.

monlcer down jackets Lets have someone add up all the money that is generated by Northern communities by forestry, mining, fishing, tourism, Prince Rupert Port, Kitimat industry, etc. etc. I think the dollar amount would be staggering monlcer down jackets.