If you bought more than one thing

julho 19, 2014

45 How did we Manage Without

Canada Goose online In which I consider all canada goose sale uk the electrical devices that we now have, some battery operated. After my initial comments canada goose outlet factory in [4] My Lovely Mobile!, you must have canada goose outlet location all thought that we lived a miserable life then, without even basic canada goose outlet canada modern home comforts. There are so many things available today. How canada goose outlet kokemuksia did we manage without them? Canada Goose canada goose coats uk online

For some, we just managed without, while for others we had some (obviously primitive) alternatives. I canada goose parka outlet uk have tried to list them all, in alphabetical order (!) often missing out the words ‘Electric’, ‘Electronic’ canada goose factory outlet or ‘Battery Operated’ to start. To make it canada goose womens outlet a bit shorter, [] indicates that more details will be given in another blog.

canadian goose jacket Air Conditioning It’s not really needed in our climate for homes. It came into some offices originally to stop the computers from over heating; and it has now become fairly standard in cars. We managed without it. canadian goose jacket

canada goose coats canada goose outlet legit on sale ATM [] (We call them cash machines or ‘holes in the wall.’ I put ATM for our American readers.) I think we managed with less cash. People were much more often paid in cash and we did a lot less spending money or shopping. You could get money by queueing up in a bank, if you could get there during their quite restricted opening hours. (Now the trend is going away from cash. Many people will use a credit canada goose outlet card for every little purchase.) canada goose coats on sale

Bar Code Readers The shop assistant served you and so knew canada goose uk site what you were buying. If you bought more than one thing, the assistant had to work out the total by mental arithmetic, perhaps helped with some pencil and paper calculations. (I remember once, much later than the sixties, buying ten batteries at an upmarket department store. The poor assistant had a lot of difficulty. Ten was too many, so he worked out two, then four, then four + four + two on a piece of paper!)

canada goose clearance When you bought a round of drinks at a bar, it was hectic. The barman (or barmaid) could only work out then total by mental arithmetic, with a canada goose jacket uk bit of guesswork. (You could amuse yourself by buying the same round again and seeing whether the total charged was the same. It was usually a bit different.) canada goose clearance

buy canada goose jacket cheap Shops had cash registers, mechanical machines that enabled the assistant to indicate the total price. If it came to 2: 12s 7d, he pressed several buttons simultaneously for 2, 10s, 2s, 6d and 1d and pushed down hard. The price came up, a bell rang and the till drawer opened. If canada jacketstock goose parka uk you gave him 3, there was no calculator to work out the change he would count upwards from 2: 12s 6d to 3: 0s: 0d as he put coins into your hand. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose clearance sale [The picture shown is the best example I can find of a pre decimal one using sd.] canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose sale Battery Chargers We didn’t have rechargeable batteries! Canada Goose sale

Blankets They were available. My parents had one! I think it was considered a luxury item.

buy canada goose jacket Bread Making Machines We did make bread at home, without mixers. It took a lot more time and work. See canada goose outlet authentic Food Mixers. buy canada goose jacket

Calculators [] Calculators only came into schools in the mid sixties. When I look at banking, I will explain how they managed some of their calculations. (You can appreciate that one reason that banks closed at 3:30 pm was to give staff time to reconcile all their figures the slow way before going home.)

Canada Goose Jackets Cameras We just had to use the old methods, which were more difficult, time consuming and expensive. See [41] Flash, Bang, Wallop! Canada Goose Jackets

cheap Canada Goose Can Openers We have here an example of something that has come and gone. In the fifties we had to use primitive mechanical devices to open tins of food, as shown in [28] ‘Clever People and Grocers, they canada goose vest outlet Weigh canada goose discount uk Everything’. With electricity and technology, there came an electrical can opener. You fixed the can and switched on. The can turned in a circle and the lid came off. Now technology has produced cans with easily canada goose outlet new york opened lids, so the electric can opener is no longer needed! (We didn’t have ring pulls for drinks cans either, but then drinks did not come in cans then.) cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose Parka Car Radios We managed without them. To be honest, by modern standards, cars were a bit primitive. We had no music, and no traffic news. canada goose outlet niagara falls We talked a lot more. (No cassette tapes, CDs or MP3 players in cars either!) Canada Goose Parka

Central Heating Timers We didn’t have central heating!

canada goose store Clocks Most clocks, even alarm clocks, operated by clockwork. You wound them up each day. You did the same with watches. canada goose store

Coffee Machines [] Coffee was not the same. There was instant coffee (!!) and coffee beans cooked by alternative methods using gas cookers.

Computers Word processing, digital photography, spreadsheets, databases, the Internet We just managed without them, or used paper based methods.

Credit Card Machines [] An easy one. We didn’t have credit cards.

canada goose black friday sale Dishwashers [] You can probably guess this one. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Outlet Drills We canada goose outlet in usa did it the hard way, using manual canada goose outlet in canada tools. canada goose outlet germany I can remember using one of these. There were electric drills. They were expensive and I presume that these were use by professional carpenters and builders. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose Dryers (for washing) [] See Washing Machines canada goose

Fans They were probably available but not common, used by the rich. (You know what I mean by now by the rich and posh people!)

canada goose coats Fan Ovens [] Cooking was more of an adventure. Temperature depended on which shelf was used. (We did not have glass doors.) canada goose coats

Exercise Bikes See Treadmills.

canada goose deals Fires Primitive ones were available. They did not look like coal fires. See [6] ‘He is like a Refiner’s fire and He shall Purify’ canada goose deals.