This patch recall process does not work if you press the

julho 24, 2014

almost Universal MIDI SysEx CC Programmer and Sequencer

In the mid eighties synths manufaturers started a “less is better” process that led to barebones synths; this allowed the reduction of costs on the manufaturer side, but made patching tediuos moncler outlet online if not impossible for the final user.

cheap moncler jackets sale Manufacturers moncler mens jackets themselfs and cheap moncler outlet third party companies realized optional boxes full of knobs to let you actually “play” with your synths sections, but these are silly overpriced nowadays and, as always, we are forced to find moncler sale cheap solutions by ourself 😉 cheap moncler jackets sale

cheap moncler coats This project came from my need to easily program patches on my moncler outlet store latest synths buy: a Roland Alpha Juno 2 and JX8P. On a side note: best cheap moncler jackets bang for the buck ever! cheap moncler coats

It started as a simple SysEx controller, they it grow up on me and became moncler outlet sale something more complex.

moncler outlet store In this instructable here I will show you how to realize your own controller: a cheap tool that emulates those highly priced plastic boxes. The default sketch handles three “pages”, for a total of 48 synth tone parameters. by Roland in the 80’s). moncler outlet store

In particular, the controller is compatible with:

moncler factory outlet any monlcer down jackets synth that can receive MIDI control change (CC) messages; moncler factory outlet

Roland Alpha Juno (1/2);

moncler outlet sale Roland JX8P; moncler outlet sale

Korg DW8000 (untested and likely Moncler Outlet not working!).

moncler sale Being the open source nature of the project, it’s very easy to support any other synth of your choice (see the code step for details). moncler sale

Remember that the default code/sketch/firmware supports “only” 48 parameters (three pages of 16 knobs each) so it could not be possible to control all the MIDI messages supported by your synth (think at an Access Virus or Novation Supernova: they accept more or less 110 MIDI compliant parameters). You can easily change the sketch to support more messages, if needed.

The tone parameters layout with all those number could be confusing at first, but it’s not “random” as it could look like to some extent; it follows the order of the manufacturer MIDI implementation chart. This was a design choice to keep the code simple and “universal”.

moncler outlet jackets You can moncler outlet download an picture sheet with the 4×4 “layout” I realized for Alpha Junos and JX8P on this page: blue parameters are those you can tweak while on page 1, black those on page 2 and orange those on page 3. moncler outlet jackets

Even if the controller has no screen, toying with synth that show you what parameter is being tuned in real time makes the process of creating a patch a joy. The JX8P, in example, is capable of this; the Alpha Juno, instead, do not show you the parameter being changed and makes things a little bit harder (but creating awesome pathces is definitely doable and easyer than by using the built in knobless interface).

What about those buttons there?

moncler sale outlet Well, the first one (upper left in my layout) is for page surfing: jump to the next parameter’s page at each press of the button. LEDs will indicate which page you are in. moncler sale outlet

moncler outlet The second is to send the patch you where working on back to the synth buy moncler jackets (figure it: you made the patch of your life, then touched a program button on the synth surface and the button specific patch was loaded. all your work have gone! With this button you can send all the values the programmer had memorized during the last patching process. This patch recall process does not work if you press the randomizer again and it’s not effective if you did not press the randomize button at least once. The latest patch is not kept in memory after shutdown. oscillator mix volume, VCA volume, etc.) and press the button to start he randomization process of all other parameters. moncler outlet

The fourth button is there to activate an easter cheap moncler coats egg (sort of.) I placed in the code after noticing that the layout was perfect for. a 16 steps MIDI sequencer! Exactly: press the fourth button (MODE button), cheap moncler the controller will enter the “sequencer mode” and you will be allowed to trigger notes in a similar way those old analog sequencer did. moncler sale outlet Nice uh!

Press the MODE button again to go back to controller/patcher mode.

moncler jackets outlet What about those LEDs? moncler jackets outlet

moncler outlet online There are 4 LEDs in corrispondence to each button (on the right of each button in my layout) ; these LEDs have multiple pourpouses: moncler outlet online

cheap moncler jackets 1) they tell you wich parameters page you are in (upper LED is lit when you are in page 1, LED underneath is lit when page 2 is active, LED 3 is lit. you figured it yourself). We are limited to 3 pages ATM, but the code can be easily tuned to handle more pages; cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler 2) the second LED indicate parameters page 2 AND is lit when the microcontroller is sending the previous patch (patch recall) cheap moncler.